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Turnkey PCB Assembly Solutions and services                                                                 

Treepcb specializes in superior turn-key PCB Assembly Solution and delivers on what we promise. We have specific solutions for every PCB fabrication, SMT, through-hole, and mixed PCB assembly projects as well as components procurement, you won’t have to be worried about the disconnection that occurs between the separate PCB fabrication and assembly steps. Even better, you will experience high quality at lower overall PCB costs and meet the critical deadlines, you just focus on your core competitiveness. There is no minimum cost or minimum quantity requirements. What’s more, there is no additional tooling charge for repeat orders.

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5 x SMT PCB assembly lines

5 x Lead-free 10 zone Reflow oven

  • Ball Grid Array (BGA)
  • Ultra-Fine Ball Grid Array min. 0.08mm
  • Quad Flat Package (QFP)
  • Quad Flat-Pack No-Lead (QFN)
  • Small Outline Integrated Circuit (SOIC)
  • Plastic Leaded Chip Carrier (PLCC)
  • Small Chip Packages (pitch of 0.2 mm)

SMT Total Capability: 5,000,000 Chips per day

PCB Size: 50mmx50mm (min). ~ 610mmx 508mm (max)

PCB thickness: 0.3mm ~3.0mm

PCB weight: max. 3kg

Component Size: 0.4mmx0.2mm (01005) ~ 200mmx125mm

SMT Process Precision: +/-50μm Cpk≥1.33

SMT equipment brand: Siemens, JUKI, high-speed machine and medium speed machine optional

turnkey pcb assembly solution
turnkey pcb assembly solution

3 x through hole PCB soldering lines

Wave soldering machine brand: Hong Kong Jin Tuo (JT)

DIP Total Capability: 2,000,000 Chips per day

SMT & THT mixed available

2 sided SMT and THD assembly available

Ultrasonic cleaning machine: Jie-Tai cleaning machine, corrosion-free and pollution-free cleaning agent, guarantee every PCBA boards clean and without pollution or damage.

DIP PCB Application: LED indoor / outdoor display module, LED lighting, Tablet PC, security monitoring, digital, medical, GPS, industrial, communications, power, financial electronics, consumer electronics and other products.

turnkey pcb assembly

Treepcb has an engineer-background, effective component sourcing team for reliable and low cost PCB assembly. We source the quality electronic components from global distributors including Digi-key, Mouser, Future Electronics, etc. Or based on our customers’ authorized suppliers and manufacturers. 100% No substitutions without your approval.

Generally, you have the following three options for components sourcing:

  1. Turnkey – We supply all the components
  2. Kitted or consigned – You supply all the components.
  3. Combined: You supply the main IC and triode, we take care of the rest passive components. This way can maximum save your cost and no worry about the quality.

Treepcb’s normal parts sourcing lead time is usually finished no more than one week, only 2~3 days for the passive parts. We have your every components under the right engineer’s management.

turnkey PCB assembly solution
turnkey PCB assembly solution
Raw Material:

• Japan 304H-TA

• Korea 304H-TA

• Customers specified raw material


• Laser drilling, grinding polishing.

• Laser drilling, electrolytic polishing.

Stencil Thickness: 0.15 mm, 0.12 mm, 0.1 mm, 0.08 mm, (0.06 mm Special thickness)

Stencil types:

• ordinary stencil

• anti-solder ball stencil

• Special Step Stencil – (usually used when the BGA fine Pitch is between 0.08mm to 0.12mm)

• Specific stencil with or without frame

Available dimension:

• 7 kinds of specification between 37cm* 47cm to 73.6cm * 73.6cm

• 7 kinds of specification between 40cm * 60cm ~ 50cm * 140cm

• We accept customers’ specified dimension.

turnkey PCB assembly solution
turnkey pcb assembly

Brand: Japan SMIC solder paste; US Alpha solder paste

We select different solder paste according to different PCB application, such as for industrial, medical, automotive, military, etc.

Silver %: A-1 point, 2 points, 3 points

SMIC Solder Paste
turnkey pcb assembly

X-Ray inspection: inspect if BGA and VFLGA are cold soldering, bridging and short circuit.

AOI before reflow

AOI after reflow: inspect components position shift, components direction, short circuit or bridging.

turnkey PCB assembly solution
De-panel machines: Taiwan Murata brand,

computer numerical control de-panel machine,

accurate de-panel, no damage to the original

board, very smooth surface without any burr.

turnkey pcb assembly solution
  1. Bubble bag packaging.
  2. PE foam packaging
  3. anti-static packaging
  4. customers specified packaging
turnkey pcb assembly solution
turnkey pcb assembly solution
turnkey pcb assembly solution