PCB boards panelization tips

1, Outline of panelization: We suggest closed loop design to ensure that PCB panel will not be deformed after it fixed on the tooling fixture;

2, PCB panel width should be≤260mm (SIEMENS line) or ≤300mm (FUJI line); if automatic fluid dispensing required, PCB panel width × length should be ≤125 mm × 180 mm;

3, PCB panel outline should be close to square shape as possible, we recommend using 2 × 2,3 × 3, etc, panelization; but avoid male and female outline;

4, the center space between each single PCB boards should be controlled between 75 mm ~ 145 mm;

PCB boards


5, when set the locating hole, we usually leave a solder-free area around which is 1.5 mm larger than the hole itself;

6, There shouldn’t be any bigger components or extend components near the junctions area between the pcb panel farm and inner PCB boards, including the junction area between single pcb themselves. What’s more, there should be a 0.5mm space from the components to the edge PCB to ensure the right routing and v-cut;

7, Drilling 4 positioning holes at the 4 corners of the PCB panel frame, hole diameter 4mm ± 0.01mm; make sure moderate strength of the holes, so the PCB boards won’t be broken during loading or unloading process. The hole diameter and position should be the highest accuracy, and the hole wall without any bur.

8, There is at least three positioning holes on each single PCB board, 3≤ position hole diameter ≤6 mm, the 1mm edge area around the holes does not allow wiring or printed circuit boards soldering;

printed circuit boards soldering


9, for the entire PCB board positioning and fine-pitch components for positioning reference symbols, less than 0.65mm pitch QFP should be set to the angular position of principle; for panelized PCB sub-board positioning reference symbols in pairs used for positioning elements arranged diagonally;

10, for large components, we have to leave positioning column or positioning holes, such as for the main I / O interface, microphone, battery connector, micro switch, headphone jack, motor, etc.