In Treepcb, we can produce up to 20 multiplayer PCB board. Recently, some customers ask as about our 4 layer PCB board stackup.

Now let’s talk about more details, please see below prepreg we usually used for 4 layer PCB board manufacturing:

The thickness of prepreg 2116 & 7628.

PP film spec

PP type Glue content Thickness before fill glue
2116 RC50% 4.73mil
2116MR RC54% 5.15mil
2116HR RC58% 5.77mil


PP type Glue content Thickness before fill glue
7628 RC43% 7.73mil
7628MR RC47% 8.51mil
7628HR RC50% 9.81mil


Usually we accept customer supplied stackup, or we will our standard stackup if there is no supplied or on customer’s request. Here is an example:

4 layer PCB board stackup


Please feel free to contact if you are looking for 4 layer PCB board manufacturing and PCB soldering, including SMT reflow soldering, THT/DIP wave soldering.

Our clients always like our turnkey PCB manufacturing + PCB Assembly solution to save them more cost and time.