DIP soldering — THL 15WI

Today we’d like to share this through hole part: THL 15WI Here are the main Features * 10 Watt in 1” x 1” package * Remote On/Off control * I/O isola [...]

DIP soldering — THL 15WI2019-07-10T12:47:53+08:00

FT232RL-REEL USB controller

Are you looking for FT232RL-REEL USB controller? Are you planning it in your PCB assembly project? We've soldered it recently for times, let's share [...]

FT232RL-REEL USB controller2019-06-16T08:57:06+08:00

FT2232D-REEL USB controller PCB SMT soldering

We have this part FT2232D-REEL USB controller in PCB SMT soldering recently, and we'd like to share the details of this part in case any of you are l [...]

FT2232D-REEL USB controller PCB SMT soldering2019-06-15T23:46:46+08:00