ADS124S06IPBSR Texas Instruments

1 Description The ADS124S06 and ADS124S08 are precision, 24-bit, delta-sigma (ΔΣ), analog-to-digital converters (ADCs) that offer low power consumpti [...]

ADS124S06IPBSR Texas Instruments2019-10-16T12:42:53+08:00

G6DN-1A DC5 Omron Electronics

We have specific solutions for PCB fabrication, SMT, DIP/through hole, and mixed PCB assembly projects as well as components procurement, you won’t h [...]

G6DN-1A DC5 Omron Electronics2019-10-14T21:35:50+08:00

MT41K256M16TW-107IT Micron Technology Inc

Features TC of 105°C 8 internal banks Self refresh mode 8n-bit prefetch architecture VDD = VDDQ = 1.35V (1.283–1.45V) Differential bidirectional data [...]

MT41K256M16TW-107IT Micron Technology Inc2019-09-24T09:31:12+08:00

KSZ8081RNBIA-TR Microchip Technology

Today let's share the information of this part KSZ8081RNBIA-TR Microchip Technology, if you have it in any of your printed circuit board projects, we [...]

KSZ8081RNBIA-TR Microchip Technology2019-09-23T09:27:03+08:00

SN74LVC1G02DBVR Texas Instruments

Today it's turn for SN74LVC1G02DBVR Texas Instruments, we have this part in our PCB assembly jobs often recently, and we'd like to share every detail [...]

SN74LVC1G02DBVR Texas Instruments2019-09-20T10:11:12+08:00

DG468DV-T1-E3 Vishay Siliconix

Are you going to solder this part DG468DV-T1-E3 Vishay Siliconix? Tree Technology can help. Actually we are a FAMILY company, we have two factories:  [...]

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