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ADRV9009 accelerates 5G deployment

The ADRV9009 RF transceiver is an integrated dual-channel RF transmitter, receiver, and observation receiver. It offers bandwidth {200 MHz} which is [...]

ADRV9009 accelerates 5G deployment2019-03-25T16:04:53+08:00

PCB DIP soldering introduction

PCB DIP soldering introduction There are 4 DIP assembly lines with lead-free wave soldering machines, daily output 1,500,000 pionts. TREEPCB Producti [...]

PCB DIP soldering introduction2019-03-25T12:23:01+08:00

BGA PCB soldering flux

There are a lot of PCB boards with BGA orders in production in Treepcb every day. Also we have BGA PCB soldering station if there is any BGA package [...]

BGA PCB soldering flux2017-04-24T11:38:43+08:00

China pcb assembly

We're the professional contract PCB manufacturer and China PCB assembly manufacturer since 2008. With more than 3,600 square meters of well-equipped [...]

China pcb assembly2017-04-12T11:21:34+08:00

PCB stencil thickness for SMT assembly

Most our PCBA assembly customers will ask us “what is the default stencil thickness? The easiest way to decide the stencil thickness is according to [...]

PCB stencil thickness for SMT assembly2017-03-24T11:35:55+08:00

X-Ray BGA Inspection Contrast

Treepcb provide multi layer circuit board fabrication and assembly multilayer circuit PCB boards with BGA/FBGA usually, x-ray inspection is a must to [...]

X-Ray BGA Inspection Contrast2017-03-13T21:27:49+08:00