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PCB DDR design — line matching and timing

  DDR layout in the PCB design occupies a pivotal position, the key point is to ensure that the system has sufficient time margin. To ensure the [...]

PCB DDR design — line matching and timing2017-03-02T22:02:35+08:00

Integrated Circuits (ICs) package variants

IC devices package is outer covering and encapsulates circuit die and splays it out into a device we can more easily connect to. Each outer connection [...]

Integrated Circuits (ICs) package variants2017-02-13T20:01:26+08:00

PCB patch antenna

PCB patch antenna have received massive acceptance in wireless industries especially after its success and adaptance to impedance match properties. Th [...]

PCB patch antenna2017-02-13T20:01:26+08:00

Flexi PCB designs

In general, PCB is a term used for rigid PCB. In case we have to mention Flexi PCB, we use term as Flexi-PCB. Though this is a term there, but flexib [...]

Flexi PCB designs2017-01-14T20:22:19+08:00