We’ve experienced the price increase of the PCB raw material for the first time within the first month of the rooster 2017. It says that there is 5% increasing of the PCB raw material pricing. And comparing with the previous similar price increasing, the difference for this time is: the price increasing aims at ≥1.2mm thickness PCB board and those PCB used for high level products.

For many small and medium-sized PCB factory, because there is no excess funds to prepare the raw material in advance, when their customers come to them and ask for price cuts at the end of 2016, it is so difficult because of the too much price increasing of the raw material, the rice is too expensive to cook. However, it is the downstream peak of PCB shipments in January and February; on the other hand, there was the Chinese New Year Holidays, very limited working days to finish all printed circuit boards orders on time (after holidays). In fact, in recent years, base substrate, raw material prices have been declining, while demanding grows year after year, which also led to a lot of PCB companies were squeezed out of the market because of price wars.

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According to Taiwan media reports, in January 2017 the copper foil processing fees had a small-scale price increases. There are industry executives said frankly, “most of the PCB board manufacturers have surprise change that they pay cash directly when purchasing the PCB war material, guess what? They usually pay after 3~5 months after purchasing. The price for copper foil increased by 20 to 30%, many PCB factories have to line up and get the limited supplies.” It is generally 90 days to half a year credit for the base substrate transactions, especially some manufacturers just take cash to buy the raw materials directly after they knew the lithium battery demands, which caused the vicious competition for price increasing indirectly.

According to reliable analysis of the industry believe that: PCB base material will experience a big price increase after CNY holidays, we’ve got the news from our raw material supplier that the new price increasing will come around 20, Feb.

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